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About Me

Hi there


My name is Shannon Crescent. I'm a product designer based in Boston, MA. I'm passionate about solving problems, especially web design problems. I love learning new things; Even more so if I can take what I've learned and use it to improve a product, feature, or the user's experience.

Having spent several years in IT support and front end development, I've seen first hand the struggles that a poorly designed UI can cause. As a result, my approach to design is often very pragmatic; aiming to make things both easy to build and enjoyable to use. To that end, I am able to tailor my deliverables to suit various needs; from low fidelity sketches and wireframes through interactive clickable prototypes. 

I currently work full-time slaying design problems at a job market analytics software company. In my spare time I also enjoy gaming, making costumes, and photography. If you'd like to check out what I can do with a camera, you can find me on Instagram.