Product Designer



Project Date: Fall 2015

This project was completed as part of an interview process for a market analytics company. The assignment was to design a site for college students and college alumni to find entry level jobs and internships. For this project, I was tasked with detailing the research I would do for this and then maming assumptions about the data I would have collected and providing a write up explaining how I applied my research to the design of my wireframes.

Here were the assumptions I made that guided my wireframe designs for this project:

  • The user base has an average age of 20
    • To appeal to the youthful audience language should be casual and colors should be bright and friendly
  • The majority of users will be accessing this site from a mobile device
    • Optimization for mobile is key.
    • The mobile version should be just as visually appealing and easy to use as the desktop site
  • Users will likely have little, to no, work experience
    • Profile information and search filters should focus more around the content of a curriculum vitae (i.e. major, courses taken, etc.)
  • Users may not know what kind of job they would like
    • The focus should be on their current or prospective field of interest and showing them what options are available; allowing them to explore different options even if all they can enter is a major or area of interest.


Project Deliverables:

Shannon CrescentUX, UI, IAComment