Product Designer


DNet Intranet

Project Date: Summer 2015

This project was completed as part of an interview process for a marketing and design agency. I was tasked with proposing a design for a company's new intranet site. As part of this project, I had to detail how I would gather requirements, make assumptions and list some potential requirements, and then to provide a project brief and a set of wireframes.

For the sake of the exercise I assumed that the budget allows for a thorough research phase. To gather the requirements and insights needed to deliver the best experience for the user while satisfying the client’s goals, I would have utilized the following methods:

  • Stakeholder kick off meeting - find out about company culture, demographic, current intranet, metrics of success, deadline and/or budget constraints
  • Interviews and/or surveys of users at the company - Find out most commonly used features on the current site, how often they use the company intranet, etc. Analysis of actual usage statistics would also be collected to get a complete picture.

Once some basic information has been collected, I would create a set of user personas and a project brief to summarize my findings and layout the task at hand to the stakeholders before proceeding to begin iterating through wireframing, prototyping and user testing. Below is the sample project brief and wireframes that could have come from that project. The following assumptions were the key guiding principals for the wireframe designs:

  • Clean and modern design achieved with clean lines and a black, white, and grey color palette
  • Targeted to the mid-twenties average age demographic of the company through utilization of familiar icons and emphasis on customization features
  • Optimized for mobile viewing to support the large percentage of mobile phone users

Project Deliverables: