Product Designer


Report Builder

Project Date: JAN 2016 - Current

The existing site for this SaaS job market analytics app has a lot of powerful tools and potential but is being help back by poor organization and design. I joined the project with the goal of improving the usability and overall layout.

The first issue I was tasked with was the organization of the search filters. Currently, the system has 17 filters sorted into five categories. The categories were not very logically defined which was causing user tobrute-force search through each category to find the filter they were seeking. To simplify this, I started with an open card sort containing cards listing each of the different search filters. The goal was to see what the most intuitive grouping was in order to minimize the time spent visually searching for the desired filter.

The resulting categorization broke the filters down into four groups. 

  1. Results - Filters relating to the overall results set such as time frame, location, and data source.
  2. Credentials - Filters relating to a user's qualifications.
  3. Position - Filters relating to the details of a job such as title and compensation.
  4. Employer - Filters relating to details about the company such as name, industry, sector.

This new organization was approved of by the product team. I hope to be able to perform some A/B testing once a working prototype has been built to make sure it is performing as intended.

The next step was to sketch some lo-fi paper wireframes and once our team felt confident in the direction we were going in, I built more comprehensive wireframes in Balsamiq with a focus on defining the specific user interactions. A few examples of the wireframes from the project are below: